Getting started

I have always wanted to learn to sew. I like the creativity, the challenge and the practicality of being able to make your own garment. I also like the freedom that it gives you. I know what suits me and I have my own style but find that this is not always reflected on the racks of high street stores.

So I started this journey over two years ago. After many successes and a few things that I am still too traumatised to talk about (and can be found at the back of the wardrobe) I now can confidently say I have caught the sewing bug. Caught it bad (if my stash is anything to go by).

Before I go on, I must make a big shout out to Jaye at Sew Gorgeous who helped me start this journey over two years ago! As special shout out needs to go to my other partners in crime including Adele, Pam and Margie who are sharing this journey with me. Wednesday night at Sew Gorgeous sewing lounge are my favourite nights of the week.

Hopefully by sharing my story I can inspire others to give it a go as well as join this wonderful online sewing community which has given me some much guidance, inspiration and friendship.