Simplicity Spring 2014

by Sew Sarah

Simplicity Spring 2014….what do you hold for me?

I must start this by saying I am always puzzled by the styling. I know I am certainly not the first to raise this but how do they manage to make things looks so dated, frumpy and unattractive. You really have to use your imagination sometimes. I find the best way to work out whether the pattern will work for you is to look at the line drawing and do bit of a Google search and find out if anybody else has made it. Does anybody else have any tips?

Simplicity 1458Now starting with Simplicity 1458….it is an Amazing Fit pattern and have tried a few of those recently. I have a larger bust, smaller waist, wider hips and I am short (one of the reasons I turned to dress making in the first instance). If you find yourself having to do some sort of bust adjustment, I really would recommend this range. Identifying which pattern pieces you need to trace can be a little confusing. The other thing to keep in mind is that it once you have found your size (they provide a really easy formula to calcuate this), do bear in mind that you still need to consider the ease. I often then need to drop down a size or two. Finally, if you are cutting into fabric which is in any way precious, make a toile (which I never do and has resulted in tears and tanties).

Anyway, back to the pattern. Everyone is now talking about the Little White Dress (just Google Daily Mail and Little White Dress) and this is an option that is pretty classy rather than trashy (well I think anyway).


Now, I am a sucker for a vintage pattern (or reproduction) but the styling on Simplicity 1459 is just…well….I am lost for words. It is all very….pink. Saying that, I will be interested to see how Version C (the green one) turns out. I think this would be cute in navy or red or something with a little nautical twist. I bet Dolly Clackett would be up for this….

Simplicity 14561465…right…another pencil skirt. Great. Just what I need. My TNT pencil skirt is By Hand London’s Charlotte Skirt (for those in Australia you can get it Sew Squirrel with free postage). It really is my go to pattern and can squeeze it out of a metre of fabric (with some persistance). However, I do really like the coral lace styling on this teamed with the chambray. For that reason, this is getting a thumbs up.

Will I be making a purchase….I am not sure. I might keep my eye out in blogland to see what people are making. Ever the fence sitter Sarah!