Opera coat inspiration and aspiration

by Sew Sarah

Margot Robbie - JacketI should start this post off by admitting that I shouted shared with anybody who would listen a select group of people that I would never attempt another jacket, particularly one with welt pockets and bound button holes. I blamed (in some very blue language) poor fabric choice and bad instructions. The truth be told, I think it was all me. It was just beyond my current skill set.

I have been thinking about giving a jacket another go. Maybe something without the words ‘bound’ and ‘welt’. A little time has passed and I am not as bitter and traumatised.

I have been keeping an eye out for something but nothing has caught my attention…..well that is until I saw Margot Robbie at her latest film premiere. I have had this Stitch Spring Fling pattern from 2012 in my stash for ages. They have made it pretty dowdy and frumpy but I think with a little imagination and some great fabric, I can transform it from house coat to opera coat! If you squint a little, can you see it? I know Margot’s jacket is much more of an opera coat (fuller), but I am short and think it would swamp me. This version is a little more slim fitting and tailored.

I think if I made the following adjustments, it could just work for me:Spring Fling Coast

  • Shorten the sleeve to three quarters
  • I could widen the sleeve a little
  • Use a statement lining which can peek out from a folded cuff
  • Create more of a boat neck neckline
  • Don’t think I would need buttons
  • Use glitzy fabric suitable for evenings

Mmm….this is something to mull over. It definitely means some online shopping tonight to try source the right fabric (don’t tell my husband). After seeing this opera coat being sold by Troppo Bella on Esty, I feel the need to find some gold and black brocade.

I always get excited at the prospect of a new project. Do you?