Second crochet milestone

by Sew Sarah

Okay….so I don’t want to bore you all too much but I am pretty pleased with myself.

It started off badly. My second crochet workshop at Tangled Yarns wasn’t a great success. I struggled to get the rhythm of the granny square. Leaving defeated (and jealous of the other girls who mastered it so deftly), I practised and practised. Had a few G&Ts. Threw it across the room. Practised. Buried it under the cushions and practised. I experienced the ‘by George, I think I got it’ moment on day three. Now I must sought out my tension (in both the senses!). You can see in the photo below (green squares) that it all looks a little tight but, in fairness, it is much better than my first loosey-goosey attempt. I find the little patterns in each treble, each row, each corner and each square strangely comforting.

20140129-111104.jpg20140129-110627.jpgEver the optimist, I have bought my yarn already!! I will have this conquered in no time!

My sister-in-law is way ahead of me (the multi-coloured square on the right) and has already moved into her first project.

Slow and steady wins the race…..I hope!

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