Some crochet progress and unravelling (in the two senses)

by Sew Sarah

Well. I have been quiet on the crochet front but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy crocheting (and unravelling).

My-oh-my there has been some unravelling. But I need to make some progress or else I will never get anywhere.

It was a sticking hot weekend in Brisbane so spent a lot of time sitting in front of the fan, drinking G&Ts, catching up with Sons of Anarchy and getting some of my granny squares done.

Now important lesson here. Crocheting while having consumed one or two generous G&Ts is okay. Once I started getting to the bottom of my third free pour ….. well you can just imagine. Look, it was doable, it just got very clumsy by drink four.

Over the weekend I got eight granny squares done. Just 64 to go.



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