Crochet progress

by Sew Sarah

This last week has been pretty crazy. It has left me with no energy and little brain capacity to open my sewing box at night, after work. That, coupled with a sore back, has made sewing anymore than ten minutes, very difficult. I have a pile of projects and a few busted zips that are piling up and hope that by next weekend I will be ready to sit behind the machine. This is very bad news for my wardrobe but good news for my blanket! In just two weeks, I have now got twenty squares! For you swift and experienced crochet whizzes, this may not seem much but for my clumsy fingers, I am pretty stoked.

You may have noticed a new addition. I have been humming and harring about what fourth colour to add to the mix for a week or so now. I ended up with a yellow. In still not sold on it, a more mustard based tone would have worked better but didn’t have a better option in the range at Spotlight. I will leave the yellow for the time being now and keep an eye out for any new colours they may release for Autumn or Winter.

Watch this space. Hopefully in another two weeks I will be half way through this project.