Living dangerously, sewing stretch without an overlocker

by Sew Sarah

I haven’t gotten through my projects this week due to work and a little bit of laziness. I had planned to get out of work on time last night and sneak in a few hours but ended up at the local pool. It was was of those lovely Brisbane evenings and I didn’t want to waste it.

Saturday morning was the next opportunity but the St Patrick’s Day parade called.

I finally got to my Colette Laurel at about 3pm. It was traced and cut earlier this week. Around an hour or so later, have just one sleeve, facing and hemming to do.

I am using quite a stable jersey I picked up in a charity shop in Toowoomba for about $2.

I really should be overlocking it but the overlocker needs a service. I should get this sorted but am in Melbourne this week and really want something a little warmer. I have Googled heaps of different ways to sew a stretch on a regular machine and decided to go one row basting-type stitch and one row regular straight stitch. In fairness, my saving grace is that the fabric is quite stable so don’t think I will run into too many problems (famous last words).

How does everyone else sew stretch sans overlocker?

I hope the dress turns out how I hoped. The last Laurel I made was too tight. Then I made this one a little bigger than I normally would wear as I wanted more of a lounge-sweater type dress. I think I have gone way overboard and even by taking in the side seams an extra few centimetres, it is a little on the roomy side. Oh well. I think it will be still wearable and it is really comfy so am thinking I might head over to Spotlight tomorrow and get some ponte to make another one.