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Month: April, 2014

First attempt at cushions

In fairness, this is actually my second attempt at cushions. The first were pretty terrible. For some reason, I was scared at putting a zip in and did a button closure instead. But the insert was too big for the cover and it was just lumpy and bumpy.

This time I popped in a dress zip and inserted it as lapped, just as I would on a dress. I did this before I stitched up the rest of the cushion. I have no idea if this is the right way or not as I did them really early one morning on the weekend, in a mad rush to have the house prepared for overseas visitors. I have to say, I am pretty happy with them. I must warn anyone attempting this at home- if you insert the zip first, make sure you undo it before stitching up the sides!!!! Duh.

All in all, from cutting to stuffing it took me about an hour.

I have no idea why I was scared of making a cushion. Maybe because I didn’t want the house to look like a home-ec experiment!! Hopefully I have succeeded and have the approval of my ‘no frills, flounces or florals in the house’ husband! With a small success under my belt, I might try the lounge room cushions next.





DIY Papasan Cushion

Finally made my damned papasan cushion. It was pretty simple but a little more time consuming than anticipated due to all the seams, not having enough fabric and the overlocker playing-up. Because of the directional print (and my fabric was about an inch too narrow), I segmented the round cushion into six wedges with each of the little arrows on the print pointing inwards. The radius on a standard papasan cushion is about 27 inches plus seam allowance (if
anyone is interested in making their own).

I centred the cushion with two large self covered buttons each side. I may still stitch dimples into the cushion to stop the filling moving about but may wait to see if I need to put another bag of poly-fill.

1. About 4.5 metres of fabric
2. 1 kg of poly fill
3. 2 very large self covered buttons

It is super comfy and can’t wait to spend a lazy Sunday morning reading the paper and drinking coffee in it. May even get up early tomorrow morning before work and give it a road test!



Crochet progress?

For those that have asked recently, I have made ‘some’ progress on my granny square rug but unfortunately, my self-set deadline of having it complete before we have family arrive from Ireland in weeks wasn’t really realistic. Neither was the decision to make it a queen sized throw for our bed. But saying that, I haven’t given up. I am going camping for four days over Easter and aim to get twenty squares done at least! I am pretty sure my siblings may tease me but hey-ho. 38 down, 61 to go. And counting.

I have a few finished projects which I need to post today but have a incredibly busy day ahead including making a a giant cushion for my papasan, two cushions for a wicker occasional chair and planting my new lettuce seedlings.

A I type this, I am contemplating about how much fuss and (and tears) I want to put into my papasan cushion as the fabric is about an inch or so too narrow. Do I care??? Will anyone notice??? Need to make a call my the time I finish my coffee.