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Month: May, 2014

New additions to stash, Saturday planning

As usual, I have decided my stash is looking a little thin and have made some new additions.

Saturday afternoon planning with a glass of vino is on the cards!




The patterns were a buck each. Score!


Elisalex, I can’t help myself


My mother tells this story of my banjo playing grandfather (Pa Pa). During the war, while in Borneo, he was a radio signaller by day and entertainer by night. I have some hand drawn posters of him during this time and he is called Banjo Parton (a play on his name and the Australian bush poet). Anyway, he was pretty straight laced and whenever he tried to write a tune, no matter how he tried, it always came out like God Save the Queen!!!

Why am I telling to this story?

Well, I am experiencing something not dissimilar. Everytime I make something, despite my intentions, it turns into an Elisalex!

This dress is no exception. It was supposed to be a version of this vintage pattern and one by one, things went wrong. The sleeves were way too tight (thanks to the quilting cotton), the
angled bust darts sat way too low. Just for starters.

Do you have those sewing days when you truly believe the dress is cursed?!

Anyway, despite much unpicking and restyling, I have a finished product. The waist seam at the back is about three quarters of a cm out after inserting a dress zip but I will be damned if I am going to unpick it! I will wear a belt (or just kick anyone in the shins who notices and mentions it).

Saying all this, I am pretty sure I will get a lot of wear out of it. The wide dirndl skirt is a little longer than I would normally have but felt like a little swooshing!

I wore it to Westfield Chermside yesterday and got a few nice comments!




Colette Laurel

I have just finished my third Laurel in a red polkadot Tilda fabric and really not sold. I have been tinkering with the fit, particularly around the bust and arms and it is now a little too baggy. Saying that, it is pretty comfortable and works well for a weekend slouch dress. I finished the neckline and hem with exposed self-made bias binding. I ended up hacking a little too much off the length and needed to scrounge a few precious millimetres! I also hemmed the sleeves flat before I stitched them up and attached them. Made life a little easier. Will do that again in future.

I should really take a photo of it on but not feeling so crash-hot so have decided to stay behind the camera today!


Suggestions for a special piece of Alannah Hill fabric

I am a very lucky girl as a very special friend posted this up from Melbourne and I found it waiting for me in my letterbox one day. Thinking of making a three quarter coat. Any suggestions? #allannahhill #brunswickstreet #handmadewardrobe #brisbanesewing