Looking beyond the cover, New Look 6776

by Sew Sarah

I bought New Look 6776 at a sale for 5 bucks. I think. Looking at the front cover art, I couldn’t imagine that I would have paid anymore. From memory, I think it reminded me of a Lazy Bones dress I bought over a decade ago and is still a well worn and firm favourite. The fabric was from a fabric swap at the first Brisbane Spoolettes meet-up back in March. The fabric, while never would have been a first choice, has become a favourite. Thank-you to the kind person who donated it. I know I spoke to the original owner but just can’t place who it was amongst the other gems I took home and the other kind owners who let go a little bit of their precious stash.

The dress, made in in view D, went together easily enough. However, it was initially fiddly and took a little time to wrap my head around the lining instructions.

On second inspection, the instructions were actually well written and it was the neatest lining I have ever completed. The inside is a perfect match to the front.

In ended up using a self drafted dirndl skirt. Unlike the last time, I made sure I didn’t use too many gathers near the zip. This reduced the bulk significantly.

Because of the gathers on the bust I didn’t do an FBA. I think I got away with it, within a millimetre at least. Next time, I think I would add maybe a cm or two to the bust depth. Need to wrap my head around how to do that.

I think New Look 6776 is a hidden gem and translates well for a vintage-style look. Just squint and look behind the crappy photos on the pattern cover!!!!!


Embracing my new dress with vintage fabric, I went and checked out Paddington antique centre to find some matching accessories. Didn’t find what I wanted but did discover this gorgeous opera coat for $70 bucks!