Nothing like a full skirt to brighten one’s day

Hopefully the completion of my favourite vintage Butterick 5748 means I have come through the other end of bit of a sewing funk. Saying that, I actually do have about half a dozen dress projects which are blog worthy but it has been so hot in Brisbane over the last few months that the last thing I feel like doing is doing my hair, slapping some make-up on and putting on a bra to take a photo. Way too much effort for a weekend!

Dirty secrets revealed!!

Anyway, I love nothing more than swishing around with a circle skirt and this stiff linen holds the shape well. The only problem is that it is a relaxed weave so after one wear the seams in the bodice (which has no wearing ease) are giving a little. Oh well. Life is pretty good when you have a full skirt, polka dots and my favourite colour red!!

There are no real adjustments made to this patten except I ended up making two sizes down from the measurements on the envelope. This seems a pretty standard Vogue and Butterick adjustment for me.

The photo doesn’t show it but next to full skirts, red and polka dots, I love nothing more than a scooped back and this dress has a lovely one! Check out the envelope package. It was such a bright day when we tried to take this photo that we managed to get one semi decent one before my husband lost patience with me!

Anyway, my next project is well underway. New Look 6002. It is out of print but was able to download it for a few dollars from the Simplicity site. As usual, look beyond the envelope as it is pretty dire. I have a Retrospec’d or Lazybones style dress in mind. I was inspired by a post Gertie made forever ago.

I have already cut the bodice to kick start a sewing Sunday fest on the weekend and am living dangerously. Cut a standard two sizes smaller…. I don’t think I have made a New Look so hoping for the best…….

Preparing my next project and posing in the sun (don’t mind the bin) with my new vintage Buttericks…..