Teeny tiny homemade bikini

I have been contemplating making swimwear for a while but am a little scared of it. What happens if I jump in the water and it stretches the wrong way and ends up around my ankles?

I have found a solution.

Make one for someone else!

I was in the Salvos at Burleigh yesterday and scored this for fifty cents. I knew full well my double D cup would never squeeze in there but for my gorgeous little sister, it was love at first sight.

 Fortuitously we were heading past East Coast Fabrics on the way home and popped in and purchased three metres of  this lush Lycra (not an expert on stretch so happy to be corrected). It was with a pile of similar fabric and my sister believes it is Seafolly. What ever it is, it is has a gorgeous feel. 

I also bought enough to make this New Look wrap. I realised this morning it is a mock wrap so may need to pattern hack as I want a proper DVF inspired dress. 

Anyway back to the cheeky bikini. It was super easy to make. I am on staying at a friends this weekend and borrowed her machine (thank-you Pam) while she is away. I didn’t have an overlocker but the machine had a stretch stitch. 

It took no time to put together and was pretty simple.  The only change we made was adding little wooden beads to the tie ends. My sister loves it and we will be doing a controlled ‘pool’ test later this morning.