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Crochet progress?

For those that have asked recently, I have made ‘some’ progress on my granny square rug but unfortunately, my self-set deadline of having it complete before we have family arrive from Ireland in weeks wasn’t really realistic. Neither was the decision to make it a queen sized throw for our bed. But saying that, I haven’t given up. I am going camping for four days over Easter and aim to get twenty squares done at least! I am pretty sure my siblings may tease me but hey-ho. 38 down, 61 to go. And counting.

I have a few finished projects which I need to post today but have a incredibly busy day ahead including making a a giant cushion for my papasan, two cushions for a wicker occasional chair and planting my new lettuce seedlings.

A I type this, I am contemplating about how much fuss and (and tears) I want to put into my papasan cushion as the fabric is about an inch or so too narrow. Do I care??? Will anyone notice??? Need to make a call my the time I finish my coffee.



Crochet progress

This last week has been pretty crazy. It has left me with no energy and little brain capacity to open my sewing box at night, after work. That, coupled with a sore back, has made sewing anymore than ten minutes, very difficult. I have a pile of projects and a few busted zips that are piling up and hope that by next weekend I will be ready to sit behind the machine. This is very bad news for my wardrobe but good news for my blanket! In just two weeks, I have now got twenty squares! For you swift and experienced crochet whizzes, this may not seem much but for my clumsy fingers, I am pretty stoked.

You may have noticed a new addition. I have been humming and harring about what fourth colour to add to the mix for a week or so now. I ended up with a yellow. In still not sold on it, a more mustard based tone would have worked better but didn’t have a better option in the range at Spotlight. I will leave the yellow for the time being now and keep an eye out for any new colours they may release for Autumn or Winter.

Watch this space. Hopefully in another two weeks I will be half way through this project.


Some crochet progress and unravelling (in the two senses)

Well. I have been quiet on the crochet front but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy crocheting (and unravelling).

My-oh-my there has been some unravelling. But I need to make some progress or else I will never get anywhere.

It was a sticking hot weekend in Brisbane so spent a lot of time sitting in front of the fan, drinking G&Ts, catching up with Sons of Anarchy and getting some of my granny squares done.

Now important lesson here. Crocheting while having consumed one or two generous G&Ts is okay. Once I started getting to the bottom of my third free pour ….. well you can just imagine. Look, it was doable, it just got very clumsy by drink four.

Over the weekend I got eight granny squares done. Just 64 to go.



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Second crochet milestone

Okay….so I don’t want to bore you all too much but I am pretty pleased with myself.

It started off badly. My second crochet workshop at Tangled Yarns wasn’t a great success. I struggled to get the rhythm of the granny square. Leaving defeated (and jealous of the other girls who mastered it so deftly), I practised and practised. Had a few G&Ts. Threw it across the room. Practised. Buried it under the cushions and practised. I experienced the ‘by George, I think I got it’ moment on day three. Now I must sought out my tension (in both the senses!). You can see in the photo below (green squares) that it all looks a little tight but, in fairness, it is much better than my first loosey-goosey attempt. I find the little patterns in each treble, each row, each corner and each square strangely comforting.

20140129-111104.jpg20140129-110627.jpgEver the optimist, I have bought my yarn already!! I will have this conquered in no time!

My sister-in-law is way ahead of me (the multi-coloured square on the right) and has already moved into her first project.

Slow and steady wins the race…..I hope!

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First crochet milestone

Whoot! Blood, sweat and a few tears but have my first granny square complete!! Moving onto my first G&T for the day to recover!


Crochet okay

I would say it is a little too premature to say that I have been bitten by the crochet bug but if my Pinterest account is anything to go by, the bite is not far off.

I decided to scratch this rapidly growing obsession and have just finished my first learn to crochet workshop at Tangled Yarns in Brisbane.

Okay, so my Pinterest captured projects are a little ambitious, as you can see by my first attempt (okay, the pale green yarn my fourth attempt and the darker yarn is after about four hours of practice in front of the TV this week). However, nothing wrong with a goal. So I think my first project (after a little bit of mastering) will be a granny square rug.Fotor012413008

The creation of each single granny square is manageable and if one looks terrible, I can unravel it or scrap it.

I spent two entire evenings did a little Googling for inspiration and Becky at Hopscotch Lane hit the mark (see credited photo below). I love Cath Kidston, I was a regular visitor to her store in Covent Garden when I lived in London.

I wonder how long something like this will take me?